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Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:United States of America

my name is mandy! i am a professional graphic artist and i love to roleplay. i am chronically ill, something you'll hear about a lot on this journal, as well as my psychiatric disorders. i love to make new connections and friends, so feel free to friend me!

i also babble a lot about fandoms, oh my gosh a lot. i really love comic books and manga, but i'm into a whole lot of things. i used to be over on livejournal as badninja.

i'm poly and completely in love with my partner catie.
some places of interest:
deviantart tumblr twitter plurk ebxrpg

i rp a lot, here is my muse list! the games i enjoy are: 1080rp, khrpg, ebxrpg, warehouse, coba, ansible.

i'm studying to work in comic books as a layout artist as well as colouring the pages. this is hard work but i'm hoping to get into it sometime in the next year or so. please think good thoughts for me! :)

[community profile] betterdolphin made the original layout code that I modified!
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