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I literally forgot this thing exists. I should start using it, eh?
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Also I did a thing.

I hate picking PBs for drawn characters, but a little experimenting in GIMP proved that my limited skills cannot make attractive icons out of someone else's drawings. Alas. At least Hollow Art has a new system for finding PBs; it made the process surprisingly painless.
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That would be lovely. :D I do like the PB, but I feel really weird about cross-medium PBs. It just doesn't look right.
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Do you have any panels you particularly prefer or anything? Or should I just go for the emotion range.

And I know what you mean. That's why I hate it when games demand everyone has a PB. It puts those that are impossible in real trouble.

edit oh no i accidentally misaccounted
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Hmm. A range is good. I do particularly like the panel from right after Tatsuya walks in all "Bad timing?" and Makoto is like, "Or maybe the best timing!" Oh, and the one from the extra where he's mentally cheering all, "It's been a while since I've been this excited!" (I totally ship him with Iijima-san, btw.)

I don't think there are any others I was especially drawn to when I was looking through earlier. I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. Thank yoooou ♥

OH ALSO I don't know if you saw this, so here is a link just in case. :D
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Okay, I'll make sure to do those panels. <3 And omg him with ijima yes yes

And ahahaha MANGA THOR but who would be the gay lover
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Iijima-san is actually the reason why I came across IO in the first place; he's a recurring character/running gag whose thing is that he has all this great sex but can't get a boyfriend. And it doesn't come up in the IO extra, but really he just wants a boyfriend. :( And he and Makoto seem so well-suited for each other that it makes me wonder if that's ultimately where they're going with him.

And ahahaha MANGA THOR but who would be the gay lover

Oh god, I don't even know. XD
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Okay! He's in Rumble Rush, with a prominent role in chapter one and more of a cameo in chapter three; chapter three in Himitsu no Kuchizuke; and Himitsu no Library (oneshot). Those are the ones I know about, anyway.

And omg, DW, I got all these edit notifs and I was like, "Wow, Mandy has a lot to say." *g*
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Heeeee. Oh, DW.